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 ~ About Me ~

Hello visitor, My name is Parth Gupta. I am an aspiring IT Engineer (Information Technology) and I am currently studying at Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology (MAIT). I was born on January, 18th 1998 and so my zodiac sign is Capricorn. I currently live in central Delhi with my small and happy family.

Some More Information

My Education

I have had the privilege of completing my primary education from Manav Sthali School, R-Block New Rajinder Nagar – Delhi, from where I have successfully completed my 12th standard ( CBSE ) in Science stream and presently I am pursuing my Bachelors of Technology (B.Tech) under graduation from Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology (MAIT) affiliated to GGSIPU.

My Courses

I have been a part of quite a number of co-curricular and extra-curricular courses along with my studies, some of them are: Programming in Java from NIIT – Rajindera Place, Web Designing and Development using WordPress and Magento , Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing and much more from The Digital Society – Kohat Enclave.

My Hobbies

Being a Capricorn, I have very great interests in every type of art like Singing, Dancing, Painting, Drawing, listening to Music, playing Football, Cricket or any other outdoor sport.

Not only this, I am a great foodie, I love eating tasty food!.

My Achievements

Fortunately, I have had the privilege to achieve a large number of Certificates and Awards for my extra-curricular activities that I have been a part of. Many of these are from the fields of my interests like painting, drawing, practical chemistry competitions, dancing and event organizing. Not only these my society has appreciated me with a number of awards.

My Experiences

During the course of my education, I have been a part of many events and projects, both in School and College, I have been at a responsible position in many areas and also I have been successfully handling clients, at the digital society I have managed a team of 50+ members.

Spoken Languages

My mother tongue is Hindi.

I am not only fluent in speaking and writing Hindi and English language, but I can also speak and understand the French language partially.




Client Satisfaction

Team Leads

Some of My Skills

Web Designing

Website is an asset that everyone has or wants, I have had an experience in web designing that will wow the users of the website.

Web Development

Website Creation and Management is an important aspect of the online world today, I can offer services in both the aforementioned fields.

Content Writing

We say and believe that “content is the king” and to get more from your users you need great content, I can provide awesome content for any website.

Algorithm Designing

An algorithm is a blueprint for any application or program, thus it is very important for any program to have a smart algorithm that will benefit it the most.

Programming Development

Programming is an important phase of any IT service or product, I have had some experience with programming and can help one with it if required.

Data Analytics

Data is the key to any company or service, and so is a proper analysis of that data, I can offer my services in data analysis for any business or service.

Digital Marketing

Every service or business needs marketing whether it’s on an ofline or online platform. Hence for an online world, digital marketing is an important asset to help boost profits.

Graphic Designing

Graphics is the first thing that catches the attention of any user, thus it is a crucial part of any business or service. I can help one out in creating eye-catching art.

IT Consultancy & Advisory

My team has a great deal of experience in the IT world as we constantly interact with many leaders of the sector, thus we a great at providing consultancy & advisory.

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Jhon Smith, CEO @ Labib Digital Studio

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